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Lagt inn: fre 28 jun 2013 08:58
av kaz56
I am new on here
I am coming over to Bergen on the 30th June until Wednesday 3rd July. my daughter and family have come to live in Bergen and I am bringing my grandson to his mum and dad after completing his exams.
I am a Geocacher in Huddersfield west Yorkshire, England. I will have my GPS and have downloaded PQs for the area.
Would anyone be able to inform me of a few easy ones, as I have no 2nd language so only do English :D

Re: Bergen

Lagt inn: fre 28 jun 2013 09:14
av mariusno
I just visited Bergen last week and got to take a few easy ones.

Fløyen - ... 2896e75707 is very easy and a really nice spot.
Byparken - ... wp=GC1JTGP is almost visible and a big box for an urban place