Norway trip

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Norway trip

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Hi guys :) I would like to ask you for some help. I am from Czech republic and with some friends we are planing a trip to Norway. Our route is here - ... sp=sharing . If you could tell me, where to stop, which place/cache is worth stopping by i would be really grateful. Thanks a lot! :)

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Re: Norway trip

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GC1WAKM - A small, pretty stave church. Interesting history.
Drive outside the tunnels, great mountain pass
GC1FMJH - An interesting story
GC2VZ3A - Take a short stop here on your way to Longfoss
GC2VTWZ - Good choice. Already marked on your map
GC1VT84 - Old road.
GC2BZHD - Nice area. A bit further along this road is there a fine area for hiking - several caches.
GC2A9GH - Good choice. Already marked on your map. Not many tourists know of this spot.
GC13FC9 - GC1C8GN - And all caches in between
GC16XBG - First road tunnel in Norway
GC1C8JG - Spectacular place. Interesting history. Either hiking (climbing) or driving.
GC138X8 - Try the toilet to the right
GCY6R1 - No phone contact here
GCYW1M - By the world's longest road tunnel