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NEW COIN: Crown Me First to Find micro

Lagt inn: fre 12 jun 2015 09:55
av jpbarr
Whether you are a cache hider or finder, the First to Find is pretty important. One thing I hear all too often is "Oh no! another Micro!" So to make things interesting I designed the Crown Me First to Find coin to fit in not only a film canister but also a PET tube and even the homemade micros of 2 coke tops stuck together :D
Have fun with these:
Size: 36mm x 20mm
Trackable on
Unique icon
Special feature: fits pretty much anywhere!!!!

Antique Silver (100 minted) €8.50 each
Antique Gold (100 minted) €8.50 each
Antique Copper (70 minted) €8.50 each
Satin Silver AE (30 minted) only in set
Full set of 4 coins is €35