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The Patchwork Dragon Geocoin

Lagt inn: lør 19 jul 2014 21:45
av jpbarr
Ok so here is a treat for you all, I have teamed up with Geocoins by wellner to produce one of my designs and I am giving you the opportunity to make your own version.Minimum order would be 20pcs but first we need to see who is interested I have been aiming to do a dragon coin for a while and my wife suggested I do something cuddly So I give you,
The Patchwork Dragon
, Size: 40mm
Thickness: 3mm
Custom icon.

All details can be found here: ... ation_id=7

Re: The Patchwork Dragon Geocoin

Lagt inn: fre 25 jul 2014 17:08
av Viking_Princess
Cutie! :D