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For de som skal.....
Skidea kjekt å vite.

About the Project
What we've got here are GPS maps of ski resorts - lifts, slopes, snow parks, freerides, facilities, etc. Upload them on your GPS device and enjoy skiing, even when it's foggy.

Free maps of available ski resorts, mostly in the Alps, are listed here. Please contact us for the maps you would like to see on this site.
Maps are currently available for Garmin GPS devices, as well as for Garmin Mobile XT application for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS based devices.
Maps are based on OpenStreetMap(external link) data, available under CC-BY-SA(external link) license. Topographic SRTM3 data is in public domain.
For online version of the maps visit link).
The data is not guaranteed to be correct - use at your own risk.
You are free to participate in the project and help improve the maps. More information about the project can be found on OpenStreetMap Wiki(external link).